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User Guide

If you have forgotten your password or have been locked out of your account as a result of a number of failed login attempts, you would normally have to reach out to your support helpdesk or IT department to resolve the problem. Not anymore. Account Manager is a password self-service feature that allows you to resolve these issues by yourself.

Getting started with Account Manager involves the following simple steps:

Enrollment Process.

  1. Register for the service by using any one of the below options.
    • Click the link to the login page provided in the Email sent by your administrator.
    • Click Register on the Welcome page of the Account Manager tool and login.
  2. Choose the security questions and answers from the list of questions defined by your administrator.
  3. Optionally, you may also create your own questions and enter the answers if the facility is available to you.
  4. On successful completion of the registration process, you can avail the Account Manager feature.

Reset Password/Unlock Account Process.

  1. Use the security questions and answers that you provided during the enrollment process to authenticate your identity when you request for a password reset or unlock account feature.
  2. Answers are validated against the answers provided by you during enrollment.
  3. If the validation is successful, the screen for Password Reset/Unlock Account is displayed.
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